Dr. Akshay Jain has actively participated as the local site primary investigator for the following Clinical Phase III/ IV studies using novel medications/devices for treatment of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and elevated cholesterol.

  • PIONEER REAL: Real world outcome study with oral semaglutide (National PI)
  • PREFER CA: Real world outcome study with flash glucose monitoring in basal insulin
  • SPOT FIRST: Real world outcome with flash glucose monitoring prior to specialist appointment
  • SURE: Real world outcome study with Semaglutide
  • REALISE-DM: Real world outcome on switching from liraglutide/dulaglutide to semaglutide
  • GLITTER: Real world outcome using retrospective flash glucose monitoring
  • DECLARE- TIMI: MACE outcome study with Dapagliflozin
  • CAMELLIA: MACE outcome study with Lorcaserin
  • SERTUS: Active comparator efficacy study with Ertugliflozin
  • CANNON: Albuminuria study with Canagliflozin in DM-1
  • REWIND: MACE outcome study with Dulaglutide
  • SPIRE 1 &2: Cardiovascular outcome study with Bococizumab
  • LEXICON: Insulin dose outcome study with Sotagliflozin in DM-1
  • EASE-2: Safety and Tolerability study with Empagliflozin in DM-1
  • CANCARE: Prospective registry database study with Canagliflozin
  • ONSET 8: Randomized controlled trial with insulin Degludec and Faster acting Insulin Aspart in DM-1
  • GOAL RCT: Randomized controlled trial comparing effect of colesevelam versus ezetimibe as add-on to HMG CoA Reductase inhibitor therapy in DM-2



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