Welcome to Dr. Akshay Jain Patient Education Portal. Dr. Jain is the first Canadian physician to be triple board-certified by the American Boards in Endocrinology, Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine.

How Mindful Eating Can Help Diabetes Management

Mindful eating is listening to your body, and having a healthy relationship with food. So what this means is taking a step back and listening for your hunger cues and your satiety cues. So when you hear your stomach rumbling, this is a sign that you’re hungry and it’s time to eat.

Once you start eating, to actually get the cue to the brain that there’s food there can take up to even 20 minutes. So there’s different types of cues. There are also emotional cues, and this is when we eat in response to an emotion, like feeling sad, or mad, or bored, or stressed.

What Causes Graves' Disease and Hyperthyroidism

There are a number of causes of an overactive thyroid or hyperthyroidism. One of the most common causes is Graves' disease. When you say ``graves`` to people, they sort of get worried that I have a bad disease. It's actually named after someone called Graves.

In other countries, it's called Basedow's disease or Perry's disease. It's all the same disease. Graves' disease is the terminology used in the United States and Canada. It is an autoimmune disease. In this situation, the autoimmunity, your immune system attacking your thyroid actually ends up producing an antibody, which causes the thyroid to be stuck on 10 out of 10. It's stuck on full. Again, the accelerator's stuck on the ground.

New Advances in Blood Glucose Monitoring

For people living with diabetes, there’s been a lot of new advances in the area of glucose monitoring. First of all, for individuals with type 2 diabetes, you may have been affected by some recent developments in terms of restriction of test strips. So for you I really encourage you to work with your health care professional to make sure that you’re able to do the self monitoring that you need to to achieve your goals.

There’s been lots of advances in continuous glucose monitoring. It’s been around for a few years. There are now two insulin pumps that have built-in glucose monitoring, and a standalone device. Not only does the standalone device not require an insulin pump, but it can now actually be connected to your smartphone.

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Dr. Akshay Jain is the first Canadian physician to be triple board-certified by the American Boards in Endocrinology, Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine.