Welcome to Dr. Akshay Jain Patient Education Portal. Dr. Jain is the first Canadian physician to be triple board-certified by the American Boards in Endocrinology, Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine.

Dr. Akshay Jain MD, FRCPC, FACE, CCD, ECNU, DABIM, DABOM, Clinical and Research Endocrinologist , talks about what diabetes is and what the differences are between type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

What is diabetes? Well, there are two kinds of diabetes: type 1 and type 2 diabetes mostly. And they’re interrelated but not similar, and that’s related to insulin.
So first let’s talk about insulin. Everyone knows insulin is related to diabetes. But what is insulin, how does it work? Well, insulin is a hormone, it’s a messenger. It means that it has a message to give to the body.

Dr. Akshay Jain MD, FRCPC, FACE, CCD, ECNU, DABIM, DABOM, Clinical and Research Endocrinologist Cardiovascular protection with new diabetes medications

Diabetes is a condition that causes inflammation of blood vessels. This can be either the tiny blood vessels in the eyes, kidneys, or nerve endings are the bigger blood vessels that supply the heart in the brain, we use the term cardiovascular disease to denote heart attacks, strokes, cardiovascular dead peripheral arterial disease, heart failure or kidney failure.

Dr. Akshay Jain, MD, FRCPC, FACE, CCD, ECNU, DABIM, DABOM, Clinical and Research Endocrinologist, talks about how to protect the kidneys in patients with diabetes.

Let’s start by dispelling a common myth: metformin, which is the most commonly used diabetes medication, does not cause kidney damage. However, in patients with diabetes who develop kidney damage, we may need to decrease the dose of metformin, or stop it altogether, to prevent side effects occurring at that point of time.

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In this instructional video in Hindi, Dr. Akshay Jain discusses an easy and safe way to take insulin injections at home.

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Sarah Ware, RD, Registered Dietician and Dr. Akshay Jain, MD, Clinical Research Endocrinologist, talk about the health benefits of bell peppers in relation to diabetes.

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